Convergence of products, solutions and applications

Optical Fiber technically can carry upto 30Tera bits per second since its invention long ago. Various companies developed optical fiber products meeting global standards and each of them have made inventions every year out pacing each other year on year. None of the Projects Internal teams have got this depth of knowedge as to these products, technologies and solutions can be architectured for their total project needs and end up spending 5 times more funds than we planned and applied obsolete technology that cannot deliver speed next few years of speed requirements. Also most project managers cannot innovate convergence design practice and depend on outdated vendors who just cut copy paste design like old wine in new bottle. There are other unethical practices unfortunately leading to outdated solutions adopted by even large corporate groups as they cannot deal convergence architecture.
We have been pursuing technological innovations leading the era of high-speed, high-capacity FTTx service architectures for ELV Services with world-class standards, especially in optical fiber and optical components