Integrated Home/Building/Process Automation Solutions/Smart City SCADA Central Control Rooms/ Data Centres

Residential, Hospitality, Educational, Commercial, Industrial & Defence Verticals

  1. Home/Building/Factory Automation Solutions (IOT, Server, Cloud based) for safety, security, energy management and climate control with Lowest CAPEX/OPEX to Builder

  2. IBMS-Building automation services for Commercial Buildings Space & Club House and Common Area services of Residential space for automated Facilities Management.

  3. Building managers, facility operators, and maintenance personnel need to rely on building automation systems for energy usage metrics, occupancy, and HVAC activities. This is only possible with seamless integration of all networks into Cloud/IT/IOT/IIOT/CIOT networks and database updates with full fledged powerful analytical tools with business intelligence.

  4. Unified Building Automation - Intelligent Building Management - Energy Management, Utility/Electricity Monitoring & Control.

  5. Fault Detection Improves Maintenance

  6. Prepaid/postpaid Metering: Consumption information and billing of Water/GAS/Electricity/HVAC and threshold settings, alerts and Alarms

  7. Energy Management and Sustainability - Facility Analytics integrated with Facility Management with Energy Saving, Energy Management & Energy Analytics Management.

  8. Advanced Visualization and Reporting

  9. IOT enabled Energy Smart Buildings